What are your Hours of Operation?

Jeanne’s Daycare and Preschool s open Monday through Friday from 7:30am–6:00pm

But generally children can arrive or leave as it is convenient.

Some children are at the gate right at 7:30 am and can have their choice of free play in the patio when the weather is pleasant or in the classroom when it is chilly.

If you wish to have breakfast‚ please be ready before 9:00 am

To be a part of Circle Time‚ please be at school by 10:00.

For Lunch‚ please be ready by noon.

We understand that you may have a doctor’s appointment or need to pick up Grandpa from the airport‚ but please try not to disturb the children’s naptime between 1:30 and 3:30 p.m‚
If you wish your child to have snack with us‚ please arrive to pick him/her up after 4:30.

School ends at 6:00 – please be sure to pick your child up on time!

How many children do you have?
We are licensed for 14 children per day.

Does my child have to be toilet learned?
No. We help with potty training.

How do you help my child adjust to his first school experience?
We feel your child’s first school experience should be a comfortable and positive experience. We recommend that your child’s first day be until after lunch and then go home to tell you all the fun and exciting times she/he had. The next day stay until just after afternoon snack and the rest of the week bring your child full time. Please make a quick “good bye” when it is time to leave. Your child’s teacher will observe your child and will guide the rest of your child’s adjustment into preschool.

How do you discipline behaviors that are not acceptable?
Our children are interacting with a group of children for the first time. With that in mind‚ teachers focus on helping the children in their class learn to work together with their friends and help take care of each other. We use positive reinforcement and modeling techniques to encourage positive behavior. If a child becomes aggressive our teachers discuss the problem in a soft‚ calm voice with the children involved. The children are encouraged to come up with a solution and to help take care of their friend. Teachers will discuss any continual behavioral concerns with the child’s parents.

How do parents receive information?

Each Sunday our parents receive our Theme of the Week with all the information your child will learn in a fun‚ positive‚ Learning Through Play way. If we are working on D for Dental the children will also use toothbrushes to correctly “paint” the letter D the way one would brush their teeth. We would soak some eggs with cola‚ milk‚ apple juice‚ water and vinegar and see the results‚ learning that the shell of an egg is similar to the enamel of a tooth. Through scientific discovery they would learn that it does not take too long for cola to turn the egg brown! Would it do the same to your teeth? A year after doing this experiment a young child remembered and told his dad who had walked in with a coke that it would turn his teeth brown and he should throw it away!
The songs the children will sing – sometimes we change the words to suit our theme so “This is the way we wash our hands” becomes “This is the way we brush our teeth”.‚
The books we will read‚ the numbers‚ colors‚ rhyming words

What happens if you eat an Oreo cookie with no milk?

We take pictures of healthy foods – fruits and vegetables milk‚ etc‚ and other photos of unhealthy foods – candies‚ cookies and the children have to work together to glue them on the “Happy Healthy Tooth” or the “Unhappy‚ Unhealthy Tooth”.

Counting our baby teeth and molars. How many teeth do you see when you smile? when you frown? While we’re at it‚ let’s do some rhyming words‚ frown‚ brown‚ down clown‚ gown‚
So we are doing lots of experiments‚ art projects‚ social studies‚ math‚ rhyming words‚ reading.

The parents keep up with it all with the photos we take during the day and the summary we give them when they pick up their child in the afternoon.

During the year we do assessments of your child’s academic abilities for us to formally discuss with parents.

What is your sick policy?
Children who are sick require close attention and care. If you child shows symptoms such as Fever‚ Diarrhea‚ Vomited‚ Unexplained Rash‚ Pinkeye‚ etc‚ we ask than you keep your child at home until he/she is symptom free for 24 hours. If a child becomes ill while they are at school‚ the child’s parents will be called immediately and asked to pick up their child.

What is your emergency plan?

Each member of our staff is CPR‚ Child Health and Safety certified.
Jeanne’s Preschool has a smoke alarm and fire extinguisher in each classroom and kitchen which is on file with the Fire Department and checked by them twice each year.

Each month‚ a Fire Drill is preformed with the children. Upon the sounding of the smoke detector‚ children and staff are trained to line up at the back gate where a head count is taken. If there is truly an emergency‚ the fire department will be notified and the children will be lead out the gate to safety.

If a natural disaster should occur and our preschool is rendered uninhabitable‚ the children are lead to the back gate‚ a head count will be taken‚ and the children’s emergency backpacks‚ which have been stored in a wheeled container‚ along with First Aid Kits‚ flash lights‚ batteries and additional food and water‚ will be brought to Reyneir Park. Reyneir Park is located on Reyneir Avenue between Cattaraugus and Beverlywood‚ within walking distance from our school.

Emergency Backpacks
Each child is required to supply a zippered backpack‚ which is refilled each year‚ containing a change of clothing‚ including a sweater‚ underwear and socks. Also‚ diapers and wipes‚ a space blanket‚ two bottles of water‚ non–perishable food items‚ necessary medications‚ a photograph of their family‚ contact information including an out–of–state emergency number.