Meals & Menus

Healthy‚ nutritious foods that children enjoy and will eat is our priority We are registered on the Evergreen Food Program and need to follow their nutritional guide.
For breakfast we usually serve cereal‚ milk and fruit
The cereal’s first ingredient is a whole grain.
Cereal’s first ingredient cannot be sugar
For lunch we are required to provide high quality protein
Two fruits or one fruit and one vegetable
One grain and

Snack: 100% Apple Juice and

Macaroni and cheese must have extra cheese added.
1 per cent milk is provided
If 1 percent milk is not your choice‚ you may provide other milk such as whole milk‚ soy‚ almond or lactose free milk.

A sample menu for a week would be:
Monday: Breakfast: Cheerios‚ Banana and milk
Lunch: Organic Pasta with Marinara Sauce‚ Turkey Meatballs‚ Parmesan Cheese‚ Apples‚ Cantaloupe and Milk
Snack: Goldfish Crackers and Apple Juice

Tuesday: Breakfast: Life Cereal‚ Apple and Milk
Lunch: Chicken Dinosaurs‚ Pancakes‚ Broccoli‚ Watermelon‚ and Milk
Snack: Cheese Its and Apple Juice

Wednesday: Breakfast: Cinnamon Toasters‚ Pears and Milk
Lunch: Macaroni and Cheese‚ (made with extra cheese) Oranges‚ Pineapple and Milk
Snack: Ritz Crackers and Apple Juice

Thursday: Breakfast: Chex‚ Bananas‚ Milk
Lunch: French Toast with whole wheat bread‚ Apples‚ Cantaloupe and Milk
Snack: Graham Crackers and Orange Juice

Friday: Breakfast: Corn Pops Cereal‚ and Milk
Fish Sticks‚ Noodles‚ Watermelon‚ Pineapple‚ Milk
Snack‚ Townhouse Crackers‚ Apple Juice