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First thing you notice when you walk up the driveway of Jeanne’s Daycare and Preschool are the beautiful flowers and well–kept lawn – this is not an institution where your lively‚ interested‚ motivitated child will be stuck behind a desk the majority of the day

Tour Our School

Tour Front Gate

Jeanne’s Daycare and Preschool!

Tour Bikes and trikes

When you walk inside you see a driveway with many trikes and scooters for your children to ride for exercise and fun

Then you walk into our patio with well stocked shelves of toys and educational materials. Your children can sit at their tables at toddler or kindergartener’s height to draw on whiteboards or play with puzzles or play on our padded colorful carpet with large blocks or cars. On the large wall is the creative artwork or mural from the days before – perhaps cars zooming down a racetrack when we are learning about the letter “C” or snowflakes falling around a snowman when we are having a session about snow and the letter “S”.

Tour Outside Classroom

Tour Our Classroom

In our substantial classroom we offer more educational toys‚ Montessori materials‚ our library‚ art and crafts ready for Circle Time.

Our huge playground has a tree house with a slide and climber‚ swings‚ cars to ride in‚ sandbox‚ sand and water table‚ basketball hoops and lots of other park like playground equipment.




Our Playground

Tour Preschool-Toddler Nap Room

When naptime comes around‚ each child has his own mat to sleep on.

Tour Infant Nap Room

Toddlers have pack n’ plays with cozy blankies and special naptime toys from home.


Potty Chart

We work on patty training and have two bathrooms and two diaper changing stations.

Tour Bathroom with Potty Chairs

Plenty of room to learn‚ play‚ eat and sleep.