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I was in a last minute situation where my 18 month old daughter needed ongoing care during the day. Good luck finding a daycare that will take you unless you could commit to a full year. I called Jeanne’s Daycare and told them my dauther’s stay would potentially be temporary and they still took us in‚ which NO OTHER daycare would. Since then‚ I quickly found this was a wonderful‚ close knit and caring community that I had joined! My daughter is so happy; she comes home singing‚ dancing‚ she loves to draw and plays so well with other kids. Jeanne (pronounced gee-nee) and her husband Diamond have made their home and huge outdoor space a wonderful learning center for the kids they care for. They are both certified CA teachers‚ CPR certified and they are also a Los Angeles Unified Preschool. They have a 3rd teacher‚ Naisia‚ who my daughter adores!!!!! The best part is they are open from 7:30am to 6 pm‚ which as a working mom‚ makes my life SOOO much easier by having the peace of mind that I can be at work for my 8 hours and still have time to pick her up. If you are needing daycare/preschool or may be thinking about it‚ I would give them a call. They are super reasonable‚ compared to other daycares and preschools in Los Angeles. They have full time options‚ part time options‚ hourly options‚ and day only options. I’ve actually taken my son (4 yrs) last minute for the day and they accommodated him no problem. They have a GIANT sandbox area that is the width of their property and it’s pretty amazing. During the warmer months‚ they offered soccer stars 1x per week. They also have a separate room for nap time and they even separate the young ones from the older ones so the younger ones can really nap. My daughter loves her naps! OH OH OH and they do breakfast‚ snack‚ lunch and snack‚ every single day. They email the theme‚ schedule and menu for the week and they send the parents pictures all of the time! It was such a pleasant surprise to see that. If you call and they sound distracted‚ it’s because they are actively caring for the children‚ but go see them in person and let them show you what they offer. You will not be disappointed.

5 star

We have been thoroughly happy with our son’s time at Jeanne’s Daycare and are saddened that it is time for him to move on. Jeanne’s Daycare has the personal touch and attention of a small daycare along with the academic stimulation and classroom experience of a structured preschool––it’s truly the best of both worlds. One of the most important characteristics we looked for in a daycare was a sense of security and warmth and that’s exactly what our son got. He loves his three teachers and often talks about them at home with great affection. When picking him up‚ I would often stick around for a bit‚ which allowed me to observe the three teachers interact with my son but also with the other children. I was always impressed with how they spoke with the children and fostered a nurturing environment. You could tell that they care for the children as individuals and take pride in their accomplishments.

I am also impressed with their academic program‚ which includes a theme of the week along with weekly focus skills. The theme‚ for example “The Jungle‚” would connect an array of activities designed for all students such as reading stories and learning songs related to the jungle‚ focusing on the letter J and painting a mural of the plants and animals they learned about. Many of the activities they plan are for the entire group‚ but they are also able to differentiate some activities to the age and unique characteristics of the individual kids. I would often find the children split up among the teachers based on their individual strengths and weaknesses––A few kids might be in the classroom tracing letters while other kids might be in the covered outdoor area working with building blocks. It was nice to know that my son felt secure and loved but was also given extra attention to work on aspects that he struggled with or enrichment to further his strengths.

Lastly‚ a major selling point for us was their outdoor playground‚ which is stocked with a large jungle gym‚ sand and outdoor toys. It helped tremendously with the transition when our son first started daycare because it was like going to the park every day. Periodically‚ the kids go outside and play and just be kids. Choosing a daycare was stressful and even terrifying‚ but we were lucky to have found Jeanne’s Daycare.

5 star

My daughter loves going to school! She comes home signing different songs every week and brings home the cutest arts and craft. The school sends out the lesson plan (and menu – the school provides light breakfast‚ hot lunch and snack daily) every Sunday. Each week‚ the children learns a new letter‚ number and theme (for example‚ H for Happy Thanksgiving). The art project that week was making a mural of Mayflower and pilgrims. Children also learned about polite words in a role play activity. The teachers pick out numerous book and songs related to the theme of the week.

The three teachers are so great with kids. The facility has a classroom‚ a playground‚ an eating area‚ two nap rooms and a bike–run – plenty of space to keep children active and happy!Was this review …?

Jeanne’s Chrismas elf costume.

Our son was going to this day care since he was 1 years old till now (almost 4). Jeanne and her husband take care of our child as if he was their own grandson. They were extremely patient with him being potty trained‚ our son is very active and needs a lot of attention. It’s really hard to get his attention and make him listen. Jeanne is always sweet with him yet is able to make him listen.

Every week they send to you an email with the curriculum and food they give to children. Every day I pick up my son‚ they do some kind of crafts and we take them home. They had managed to get different animals in the day care to discover them. Also when it gets hot they have a little pool for children ( rubber one). What I love the most is that most activities are outside in the backyard which is wonderfully arranged !! Our son loves this day care and met a lot of friends here.

Also they send you pictures and videos every week to your email.

Never had any problems with them. We are a military family and just had to move to San Antonio. And we miss this day care so much. No on there day care is like this one.

I would recommend this place to anyone !!!

Alison H.
Mission Viejo‚ CA

My son started at Jeanne’s daycare when he was 7 months old and stayed here until I moved out of the area. We were very sad to leave Jeanne’s Daycare behind and if I were to move back I would re–enroll him in a heartbeat. I would recommend Jeanne’s daycare without reservations to anyone with infants. toddlers‚ or preschool aged kids.

Both owners‚ Jeanne and Diamond‚ were just wonderful with my son. Jeanne impressed me with her knowledge of child development and Diamond is amazing with the care he gives the young kids. I completely trusted him in their care and saw their dedication to both his safety and individual development. I felt they were very good adjusting their care for him as he grew from an infant to a toddler. Our son developed ahead of children in his age range and I feel Jeanne’s daycare was definitely part of the reason why he did so well.

Their center had spacious outdoor and indoor play areas for my son to explore. The school had outdoor play areas‚ an indoor classroom‚ a large play yard‚ and indoor napping areas. My son was socialized with children from younger infants to older preschool age children with supervision and an emphasis on playing nicely with kids of all ages. I found it very heartening when they older kids greeted my son by name when I dropped him off at daycare. Jeanne and Diamond created a wonderful community.

I was very happy with the communication this center provided. We received weekly email communications with the planned activities and menus. It is hard leaving an infant‚ but I felt Jeanne and Diamond where available to make us feel involved as parents even when we were not physically present.

Thank you Jeanne’s Daycare for such a wonderful experience. I am very grateful to have found such as nice place for my son while I was at work.

B K.
Prescott‚ AZ
Both of my children have been at Jeanne’s Daycare since they were 3 months old. My oldest daughter is now 5 and my younger is 1. Outside of the charming home school setting‚ large play yard and classroom is an underlying foundation of love‚ support and community which has given us such confidence to have our children here. Our children love Jeanne’s and it has become a bit of a second home for them. I have watched our daughters develop ahead of other kids in their age range‚ and I give a lot of credit to Jeanne for that. Since we started there‚ Jeanne has consistently advanced her knowledge and education in early childhood development and she makes adjustments to the schools methods and approaches based on the children and their specific development needs. There is constant communication and partnership with the parents and we love how much we are included in how the kids spend their day. There is also a successful effort by the daycare to promote a community amongst the families‚ with holiday parties‚ parent/teacher meetings and email groups we have grown close to many of the other families there. The overall number of kids is not too big and the age range is mixed‚ which for us has been a highly positive experience. Allowing our kids to interact and learn from the older kids as they do their lessons‚ as well as teaching them leadership and responsibility towards the yournger children has been a wonderful thing to watch. While in a perfect world I would wish that I could spend every second with my kids‚ our reality is that of most and we are a dual income house. With that there is no other place I could dream of that could be better for my kids. Jeanne and Diamond have become a very important part of our kids lives and I am so grateful they are spending their days in such a great environment.

Amy T.
Los Angeles‚ CA
Jeanne’s Daycare is such a wonderful place. My daughter has been going there since she was 14 months old, and she will be 3 soon. She truly enjoys the at home environment. Her favorite place is the classroom where Jeanne is continuously working with the children to advance their growth and education. I am kept informed daily of the things my child has learned. I have been absolutely impressed from the start. I love the fact that the families are also very close to each other. Jeanne and Diamond host events where the parents can interact and share stories. I would highly recommend this daycare to anyone who is looking for a great, stimulating environment for their child.


wow i would like to start by saying my 5 year old absolutely loves it. i myself love everything about it as well‚ the curriculum is great‚ hands on projects‚ painting‚ gluing‚ singing‚ story telling‚ playing‚ dancing‚ and so much more. jeanne is great with the children
( they all are) my son enjoys every single day there. i am thankful to have found such a great place for my son to spend his pre–school year.

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Rocio Y. said “This is a great school. We moved from SF to LA and I was a little concern about how my little one was going to adapt to her new school and she loved it! She started at Miss Brooke Class and then to Miss…”

Best daycare on Westside

This is the place to put your kid – mine doesn’t want to come home! Really nice people who love each child and give them special attention. Every day my son comes home with beautiful art projects‚ drawings‚ letters – their curriculum covers it all – art‚ math‚ science‚ reading‚ writing‚ crafts‚ daily themes as well as hot lunches‚ big play yard‚ lots of toys‚ educational materials… It’s clean‚ they let the parents what’s going on‚ email photos and videos of what the children are doing during the day. They are licensed‚ accredited with a high teacher/child ratio. If you want a safe‚ fun daycare for your kid‚ give Jeanne a call!